details on the project

Wrapping our heads around what it is that Axient actually do was a challenge. For us it was new territory – something we always find very exciting. 

In a nutshell, Axient have two divisions within their business, both of which service very different purposes. AxientCX is all about helping clients improve on customer experience, where as AxientIX is about information exchange for time critical documents and data.

When the brand strategy was complete, we moved onto helping Axient determine their brand architecture. From here, we created new brandmarks and a language to articulate and accompany the new brandmarks. The visual language gives a sense of the complex nature of Axient, while at the same time, captures the way in which Axient find pathways for their clients communication problems.

The result was a suite of graphics we are incredibly proud of. One that makes them stand tall from their competitors and turn an otherwise complex business into a very approachable one.